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    < Bladeneo posted something on Solidar's wall:

    He got banned for being an idiot if anyone read through his messages. He wasnt just being a troll, insulting members multiple times is a negative aspect as well..

    < konnichiwa posted something on Solidar's wall:

    Yup he is permabanned....

    The half of this forum would be permabanned if they got judged like SSJ12 did.

    < ClaudeLv250 posted something on Solidar's wall:

    Expires: 5th Apr 49

    Was he permabanned? For snitching on a mod!?

    < konnichiwa posted something on Solidar's wall:

    ... he get banned because he says a mod is a fanboy when he even haves proof of it?

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    Moderator Fanboys

    in Website Topics on 10 February 2008

    Here is proof...a personal message from ssj12 in my inbox."So what. I made a comment on how BS half the article is too.  You going to call me a Sony fagboy now?  I hate the 360. I owned one. Its a piece of shit. 5 RRODs, 2 one the falcon hardware. Software cant make a system that can't run for more then an hour without dying."...

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    Moderator Fanboys

    in Website Topics on 10 February 2008

    I think it is completely BS that certain moderators act like fanboys and then let their fellow fanboys do or say whatever they want, then they turn around and threaten to ban people that have opposite views of theirs, even when their fellow fanboy starts the problems......

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    Xbox 360: 6 Things it Does Better

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 February 2008

    ssj12 said:Solidar said:PooperScooper said:Actually you never said you have been playing since you were 5. You said you were playing before I was born. That was my point. You don't know math. Idiots would have been able to pick up my point. You are getting a little upset. Another age defining trait. I didn't know 28 year olds threatened little kids on the internet. You silly E-BULLYActually, you...


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