DMeisterJ said:
^ Can you post your IQ test results, and scan all of your college degreees, and what class you graduated from?

Because wherever the fuck you graduated from is stupid, as you can't even spell "naive" right? It's not spelled "nieve" ass!

So you are the dumbass, and you should shut your mouth.

Oh no, I made a typo because I type really fast. I am sure that you never made a typo ever in your life. I don't have to scan anything as I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else on this website, especially when it is filled with stupid little kids like you. I tell you what though, how about we discuss Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Advanced computer routing, how about SQL, computer programming, anything else you know nothing about?

Also, you were not even part of the conversation Sony fagboy so keep out of it. You know what is fun though, getting someone's IP and finding out where they live. I do enjoy doing that with software you have never even heard of before...