Kyros said:
"I believe Sony has dropped the ball this time around and I will NEVER own a PS3."

Fine for you. If you have a 360 there is not much sense in also getting a PS3 anyway. Most games will be almost identical multiplatform between them this gen.
I don't know what the PS3 did to hurt your feelings though. Its an awesome machine and multimedia center, it plays BR discs. It's build like a rock. Games finally look identical on it to the 360. It has some awesome exclusives 2008, the price is coming down to normal levels, perhaps we will even see a slimline PS3 in the next year. Yes the first year was pretty crappy though, but now the situation is different.

My feelings are not hurt as I am not a fag that think any of this has to do with emotions. See my previous post on what Sony did wrong this time.