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#22: Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001)
Last Year: 24

Supah Smash Brothers... MELEE! The GameCube launched with a bang thanks to the glory of the second enstallment of the Smash Bros. franchise (well, it came out a month after the GCN launched... so close enough!). More characters (Bowser! Ganondorf! Zelda! Falco! Mewtwo!), more fluid gameplay, Smash attacks, a greater single player adventure taking place in all of NIntendo's greatest worlds... it was all there. The series continued its mastery of the art of multiplayer fun... and more than 800 hours of this game were played once it was all said and done. The Smash Bros. series is a simple one, but there's genius in that... and that's what makes the series... and Melee in this case, such a wonderful game.