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#23: Disney's Epic Mickey (2010)
Last Year: 27

I'm sure many of you have a game or two on your list that feels like developers were creating a video game just for you. Well, in my case, that game is Disney's Epic Mickey. I was fortunate enough to live close to Disneyland when I was growing up, so I would visit the Magic Kingdom as often as I could. It was a truly magical place, and it contains some of my favorite memories as a child. Epic Mickey somehow scooped all of those wonderful memories out of my brain and made a game about them, and I couldn't be happier playing it. The game is, gameplay wise, a homage to the action-platformers prevalent in the 5th generations, even complete with the wonky camera. But even despite its faults (as EM has the lowest Meta-Ranking out of my top 50), this game was a joy to play. It was all smiles, all the time.