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teigaga said:

Just trying to gage the range of early adopters, also wanted to see how many of you have gone a whole generation with just your wii.

Also for those with multiple systems, which was your favourite of this gen.

In my house exist the following machines where games are played (with Wii U being the latest)

Wii - Stopped being used after getting Wii U but otherwise was used by my kids to play Wii Sports Resort or one of the Dora The Explorer games

X360 - Least used "home console" system, last used for playing first two campaign chapters of Halo 4. Before that I think it was for Skyrim and Minecraft.

PS3 - Most used game system in the history of game systems for me. Used it weekly... especially with the PS+ titles and 1 hour trials... just lots of games.

3DS - Mostly used for games that have Mario in it like Mario 3D Land, NSMB-2, Paper Mario, Mario Kart... lots of Mario. Also used for Art Academy and Crosswords Plus. Looking forward to Fire Emblem - Awakening

PS-Vita (x2) - Used mostly for Smart As and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Two machines and two copies of each of those games. One is mine, other is belong to wife.

Sony Vaio Z-Series laptop with Windows 7. Used to play Battlefield 3 (Origin), Age of Empires Online (Games for Windows Live), and a number of games on Steam.

iPhone - Last game I played on there was Rayman Jungle Run (like Rayman Origins only simplified for iPhone controls)

Kindle Fire HD -  Used mainly by kids to play whatever free educational type fun/distraction game wife downloads.

Mac OS X - I guess closest thing to a game on that has been some Facebook web-browser Flash based game.


Wii U is getting nearly daily use by all 4 members of my family. This leaves machines other than 3DS and PS-Vita untouched since Nov 18th.