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Bristow9091 said:
Well I've never played Persona 4, so hoping I won't find many, if any, spoilers in here, but I'm really enjoying what I'm playing of Persona 3 (P3P) so far, and have added Persona 4 to my preorder list at ShopTo, I'm actually pretty excited to play it, the only thing I like better on Persona 3 that I know isn't in Persona 4 is the gun summons, they're really cool because of how different they are in terms of summoning something, although Persona 4 uses cards, right? That's still cool too, lol.

I can understand where you are coming from, teen suicide via pistol has never been so entertaining lol. Yet P4's version of summoning is a force to be reckoned with as well. Where P3 uses the "Evokers" to force out their Persona, P4 has two very important elements. The Glasses, and the cards. The glasses tie in with a very important theme for the game, I won't go into it as not to spoil anything. The Cards are broken in unique ways which creates a very unique animation for each character. Yu crushes, Yousuke slashes, Chie does a back kick, Yukiko smacks it, etc. It really reminds me of this...

...which was like the best thing since sliced bread for me. Probably why I get a tingling feeling everytime Yu yells out the Persona's name :D




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