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#30: StarCraft/Brood War
Last Year: 26

StarCraft is an important game for me because it's the first RTS game that I really got involved in. I remember staying up into the wee hours of the night playing this game, whether it was playing the fantastic single player campaign or battling against CPU opponents in a custom game (If you could survive the CPU's first attack wave in the beginning of the game, you were set). It was also my first foray into the crazy world of, Blizzard's online world of glorious battles (I never never great) and crazy custom games (now those were fun. Paintball anyone?). And then Brood War came along and brought more great units (Lurkers are amazing) and more single player goodness (although Kerrigan was a real bitch. ). All in all, StarCraft was another Blizzard classic that I spent more hours playing than I care to admit. Great game.