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#29: TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
Last Year: 28

"It's time to SPLIT!" With TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, Free Radical hit the benchmark on what it takes to make a truly great game. Solid, intuitive controls, fun, engaging gameplay, a creative and engrossing single player campaign, super addictive multiplayer, and goodies that kept you coming back for more. Once again you take the reigns of Sargent Cortez as he goes through time trying to track down a mad scientist trying to become immortal. From a Haunted Mansion to a robot Civil War, and everywhere inbetween, the single player never lets you go with amazing gameplay sequences and a sense of humor that the former Rare staff are known for. The multiplayer is amazingly addictive as well, and with the amount of modes (Virus mode!), characters (Deadwinda!), Stage Creation Mode, and customization options available, you be playing for months on end. It's just the culmination of everything I ever wanted out of the FPS genre. Truly the shining star of the shooters.