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#33: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (2007)
Last Year: 25

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is meaningful to me in that it was the first Pokemon game where I really got into the competitive Pokemon scene. EV's, IV's, Natures, Abilities, Braces... my plunge into the crazy and twisted world of Competitive Pokemon started here. My "ultimate" team consisted of Leafeon, Alakazam, Tyranitar, Garchomp, Regice, and Infernape. They did me proud. Speaking of which, Diamond and Pearl introduced a plethora of great new Pokemon, including two of my favorites: Weavile and Leafeon. I was a big fan of the game introducing new evolutions to prevoius Pokemon that had been forgotten over the generations. And I'm also a fan of the game not making physical/special attacks dependant on the typing. Dark types everywhere appreciate that. So overall, Diamond/Pearl introduced me to a new side of Pokemon, all while enhancing and improving the already amazing formula. Good stuff.