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#42: Super Smash Bros. (1999)
Last Year: 40

With a history as rich as Nintendo's, you almost wondered how this didn't happen sooner. Super Smash Bros. pitted Nintendo's greatest characters against each other in a four player (or less if you want) brawl to the death! And not only was it a blast to play, it let us finally decide who really was Nintendo's supreme character. Mario? Link? Samus (ironically her only playable game in the N64 era)? Nope. That would be Jigglypuff. That Down B took care of the rabble (hilarious once we actually figured out how it worked), and lord Jigglypuff reigned supreme. Even today we'll play a couple rounds of the original Smash from time to time, and still have a great time. Oh, and that commercial is still one of the best ever. So happy together indeed.