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enditall727 said:
aikohualda said:
enditall727 said:
thekitchensink said:
NinjaMonkeyLuchadore said:
Chandler said:
Busted said:
BasilZero said:
I thought this was gonna be an announcement for "Nintendo All Stars Battle Royale" after I saw the title.

Wow just think about it, a game like PS All stars battle royale but with nintendo characters, it could be interesting.

Nintendo clearly hasn't enough mascots to pull it off. Also I would rather see Nintendo do something new and exciting instead of copying franchises from their competitors. What's next, they copy Little Big Planet Karting?


This is funnier than expected.

Haha yeah, or maybe copying Playstation Move. I can't really see Nintendo having any success with motion controls XD!!! 

Or maybe they try and copy something like Singstar. Ha like we'll ever see...




Nexthing you know, they'll make a game where a lone space soldier battles hordes of aliens on an exotic planet.  Or make characters (let's call them 'Avatars') who live on your console and represent you.

My sarcasm detector went kind of haywire here as well..

i hope nintendo would copy a 3d game  that stomps on enemies... like crash bandicoot.. and if they are success they could have their own racing game like crash team racing...

okay my sarcasm detector seems to be working again but actually crash kills his enemies with a spin attack and it's SOMETIMES optional to stomp on enemies


Imagine that. Maybe they could give Mario some kind of cape or something that he can spin to beat enemies.

This thread is full of win.