To be completely honest, I've only ever had Nintendo handhelds (Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS, and 3DS - No Virtual Boy though lol).  Every once in a while a game would come out for PSP that I would say to myself, that looks cool/I'd like to play that.  Someone I used to work with even offered to sell me one for $50, and I almost took him up on it.  But, I already had a Nintendo DS and I was happy with it.  And, speaking for myself, I only need one handheld.  Same with the new generation of handhelds.  I already own a 3DS and am beyond happy with it.  I already have more games for it than I can dedicate time to playing, so owning another system/another library of games (and spending $250 on a portable + games) isn't in the cards for me.  That has nothing to do with Sony and everything to do with myself/preferences/circumstances.  Consoles, I always have at least 2 per generation (sometimes 3 if they are competitively priced).  But for handhelds, I'm good with one.