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#47: Rock Band 3 (2010)
Last Year: 43

One of the best new gaming fads to come out the last 10 years was the guitar/band games. Guitar Hero started it off, and Rock Band followed quickly after... and after many iterations and constant improvements to the gameplay system, there was no where else for the genre to go (or grow). The genre seemed to fizzle out as quickly as it exploded on the scene... but not before leaving the best entry in the genre: Rock Band 3. With Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, and Vocals, the game gave the full band experience, and it's ever growing setlist (which is still supported today) provided a plethora of great songs to play. There's little out there in the gaming world quite like rocking out to one of your favorite songs, seeing your avatar on the screen rocking out with the best of them. It really makes you appreciate the song more than you thought you could, and that's a great feeling. Playing with friends and family is a great experience as well. The genre might have been snuffed out like a candle in the wind, but it left this world with a generation of rockers. So lift your goblet of rock and salute!