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Soundwave said:
prayformojo said:

Nintendo gets a pass these days thanks to nostalgia. It's a very powerful drug. If you look at NSMB Wii/U without it, and compare it to say, SMW, it's obvious how inferior it is. Fun game, as Mario will always be "fun", but nothing like it was back when it was the king of innovation.

Oh, and on a side note, Super Meat Boy is my new Mario.


You know what? Honestly this is b.s.

The NSMB games on Wii and 3DS in terms of level design are just as good if not better than Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros. 3. That's actually nostalgia talking because the SMW level design wasn't anything all that complex. You could leap through many levels just by grabbing the cape power-up and floating through them.

SMW wasn't anything even all that challenging for it's day, I beat it as a 10 year old when it first came out with a friend in a day and a half playing sparringly.

It's still a great game, but a lot of this is just revisionist nonsense. I remember seeing someone actually put the SMW/SMB3 level maps up and you could see how basic they really were. Nostalgia indeed.

The real gripe with the NSMB series is Nintendo insisting on the same tired presentation of them. I don't think anyone would have many qualms if each NSMB had nicer graphics and new music tracks. But I suppose Nintendo feels this formula sells best.

I'm talking about innovation here. SMB3 brought things to platform gaming that never even existed before and changed the entire formula of what a platformer can BE. NSMB doesn't have one ounce of that imo. They are fun, go to games that make you feel all fuzzy and warm in side, but they're no longer genre busting innovative games.

Oh, and they're WAY too easy. Compare NSMB Wii's difficulty to Meat Boys lol. One is for people like me who have been playing them since 1986, and one is for people who don't even know what a warp pipe is. That's why Luigi holds your hand when you die one too many times haha.