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No this wont be a sign. Luigi's Mansion sold horribly for a Mario franchise game. Im not really sure what is up with his FS. Im ok with it though. Luigi is quirky and weird. Ninty has been giving him the shaft for years. Go play Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. Its a good game. And they make fun of Luigi always getting the short end of the stick.


You know you just proved his point? 3.39M for a Mario series. That's utter crap.

OT: Be happy it isn't a green landmaster. Luigimaster!

Good thing it's not part of the main Mario series then. 



Well, even if you take into consideration, 5.66M is the average for a game with either mario or luigi in the title, so 3.39 for a game that has been worked on for a long time (MPs take 1/4 of the time assumably)

That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS