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I know that alot of people are wondering about luigi's final smash, and why it's really stupid. Does anybody actually know where this fial smash came from? I thought it would have been cool to see Luigi take out the Poltergust 3000, suck up all the characters, then shoot them out. But instead he does this weird dance thing like he's high on mushrooms!! Can anyone explain this?




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well maybe he IS on mushrooms..mushroom all adds up perfectly!

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I'm starting to think that there will be another Luigi based game(Like Mansion), could this be a sign?




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No this wont be a sign. Luigi's Mansion sold horribly for a Mario franchise game. Im not really sure what is up with his FS. Im ok with it though. Luigi is quirky and weird. Ninty has been giving him the shaft for years. Go play Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. Its a good game. And they make fun of Luigi always getting the short end of the stick.

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I thought it was kinda cool



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Just be grateful that it isn't a green version of Mario's FS *Glares at Link/Toon, Ness/Lucas, & especially Fox/Falco/Wolf*


Did play it, It was a wicked game. It was actually a very funny game for a GBA game!




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Yeah I said the same thing about Luigi's final smash

Stupid? I think it's awesome. :D

Luigi makes up for it with his taunts. Aside from having the greatest taunt in the history of games that have taunts, his taunt kick apparently sends people flying!

Note that I havn't seen the kick sending people flying, only very fast into a low ceiling.

Also, it's clear. Luigi was an acid baby.

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At least following a comedians own jokes makes his death easier.