krik said:
waron said:
no, cause there is only few games coming to ps3 i would like to play and huge amount of games on ps2 i would love to play(60 or more) so for 299$ i would get used ps2 and many good (used) games for this system.

Where have you been friend? 60+ PS2 games you want to play versus only a few PS3 games? WTF?

Let me guess in 5/6 years you will say when you ask you about buying a ps4 you will answer:

"no, cause there is only a few games coming to the ps4 i would like to play and a huge amount on ps3 i would love to play"

How about you buy the systems while they are current? Those few ps3 games coming to the ps3 will turn into a "huge amount" in a few years and then you will never play. Oh well, I'm happy playing current games on the current console generation.

 maybe because i've never had ps2, and i like more nintendo consoles(and games) than ps3? nad in europe there's no BC on ps3 so i would buy ps2(even if there would be BC) cause i can buy it for about 100$with many great titles. i don't have hd tv and i don't need it. i don't need BD/hddvd player too cause there's not many good movies in my country on those formats too(i love old movies and i don't think they will ever be on hd formats), besides dvd is cheaper so i will stick with that format after all.