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Mr Khan said:
noname2200 said:
It started elsewhere, but I thought it was pretty much confirmed to be true. At least, it was widely reported as such.

It was a SurferGirl, was it not?

anyway, here's my idea:

Dr. Mario, MD.

Mario meets Trauma Center with a few added twists: Mario's out to make the most money doctoring possible, and what's the best way to do that? Injure people, then treat them! Features mini-games such as "blow up Wario," "impregnate Peach," and "throw Luigi off a cliff."

Also, you've got skin in the game, because every time you mess up doctoring, you go to court, and have to defend your ass in a high-stakes medical malpractice suit. It's three games in one!

Doctor Mario is a pill pusher!  He is owned by the big pharmaceutical companies.  Instead of pushing holistic diet (life changing) ideas he resorts first to pills.  He is able to fight off lawsuits with the more pills he prescribes to his patients.  Also, this way the lawsuits can be deflected to the pharmaceutical companies over him because he was just merely prescribing what was approved by the FDA.