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ssj12 said:
Katilian said:
ssj12 said:
tk1797 said:
lol is there a tv that can display 1440p that the regular consumer can afford.

 Sony;s 4k+ TVs are $70k so.. not yet... but once their OLED TVs become affordable then definitely.

 While not a TV directly, Dell's 30" monitors (2560x1600) are only US$1,200. The reason their 4k+ tvs are so expensive isn't because they are LCDs/Plasmas, but because there is almost no demand for them (how many consumer devices support resolutions above 1080p?)

 In regards to consoles doing it, this generation isn't really geared for it. Sure there will be simpler games which can 'push the limits', but the graphically impressive titles (which are where you'd notice/want the extra res anyway) are rarely above 720p.

 well the TV can produce 4 separate screens that is 1080p each, imagine multiplayer split screen, each split being 1080p. 

While that would be great, I think consoles are a little lacking in the 'everything' department to really pull that off at the moment :P