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happydolphin said:
JOKA_ said:

Torchlight 1 is also currently in the latest Humble Bundle.  You can get it on Steam for $1 if you are cheap, but since the money can go to charity maybe throw in some more :)

Good to know. I have it on PC but my netbook can't handle it.

@dahuman. Okay, no biggie as I usually play them solo. Though I have been craving some multiplayer diablo 2 lately :P

“Torchlight is a great experience that fans of hack and slash RPGs should immediately pick up.” 4/5

“Torchlight is a fantastic game and a welcome addition to any RPG fans collection.” 4/5

“Torchlight is superior to Diablo 2. It’s definitely smoother, simpler to play, and is more accessible to the casual gamer.” 8/10
Fraggs Magazine, March 2011, pg 40

“A fantastic action-adventure RPG that has been beautifully ported to the Xbox.” 5/5

“Torchlight is excellent and is one of the most gripping, and compelling purchases you can make on the arcade today.”

“Torchlight” is an easy recommendation to make… this is easily the best RPG to be found on XBLA and should be gobbled up as such.”

“Originally a PC game that has now been ported over to XBLA, Torchlight is perhaps one of the better downloadable games I have ever played.”

“Over Dragon Age II, I’d actually pick Torchlight (Xbox 360) as this week’s standout release.”

“Level, loot, repeat. How can one simple formula be enjoyable? I can’t answer that, but what I can say is that Runic Games’ Torchlight uses these simple ingredients and the recipe spells F-U-N. … I’m addicted to this game.”

“It will keep you entertained for hours and hours.” 7/10

“Runic Games is back with an amazing remake, and keeps customers happy by keeping the cost low, and the entertainment level high!”

“Torchlight is the ultimate dungeon crawler for Xbox 360, and a perfect for Xbox Live Arcade.”

“The game exceeded my expectations and became a instant favorite. You can expect an amazing dungeon crawler; with a good array of quests, lots of dungeons to explore, excellent music to accompany the game, beautifully painted backgrounds and scenery, for the price of 1200 Microsoft Points you can’t go wrong with this RPG.” 9/10

“The transfer for the console is seamless.”

“Torchlight is a type of game that many people never would have thought would work well on a console, but this proves them all wrong. From its addictive nature as a loot grab to its intriguing, but never really fulfilled story, Torchlight still has the qualities of a great game.”

“Torchlight effortlessly absorbs hours of time.”

“Runic Games have really outdone themselves by bringing Torchlight to the Xbox 360. … The game is great and I enjoyed every minute I played, and it has a lot to offer the gamers who enjoy games like Diablo and even World of Warcraft. I’ll be giving this game a perfect 5 out of 5. The game offers endless game play, randomized dungeons, many ways to customize your character, cute pets that will help you out, and very solid graphics and music. For only 1200MSP this is a great buy and you should go to the Xbox Live marketplace as soon as possible if you enjoy an endless adventure. You’ll be sure to put even more hours then myself once you start playing. Torchlight isn’t your average dungeon crawler that will take a day to beat– It will take hours upon hours to make a dent in the game I’ve already spent around 12 plus hours. Me playing an entire XBLA this much is extremely rare for me, so I’m glad to say this game is a huge hit in my book and I’ll be coming back for more.”

“Torchlight is the next addiction for Xbox Live Arcade gamers out there. Once you start with getting more weapons, deeper into the game and leveling up you’ll be hooked. Runic Games did a great job of turning a PC classic into a console soon-to-be classic. If you’re at all a fan of these RPG dungeon crawler types, then you’ll find plenty of love for Torchlight.”

“At 1200 MS points this port from the PC to the XBLA is worth every penny and will quickly become the RPG of the XBLA. I would recommend that anyone that has had the slightest interest in this game or the RPG genre itself to give Torchlight a try. You will not regret it.”

“Decking out your character with new items is as addictive as it is fun, and the wide variety of skills available to each character, despite the limited number of skill binds, makes the action entertaining throughout. Hack-’n’-slash fans will find hours upon hours of content waiting for them in the dark mines of Torchlight and, even if you’ve already played it before, it’s still just as fun as it was the first go-around. All lovers of loot should definitely add this to their digital library.” 8/10

“Torchlight is probably the closest thing to a Diablo experience on the Xbox 360. The perfectly translated controls and addictive gameplay makes this a must-buy for anyone with an affinity for loot hoarding. If anything, it serves as a great appetizer for the much-anticipated sequel.” 8.5/10