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Pavolink said:
happydolphin said:

There are enough, true, but on which console?

Also, it is a segment that Nintendo hasn't tapped into really, and it would be nice to see if it could compete with Sony on that level, or at least try.

I acknowledge the sales of Nintendo, you didn't ask me. That's why I suggested in OP that Nintendo leaves all the cash cows as they are, but at least devote 1 internal studio to something like SotC.

Now you are just narrowing to your preferences, not for the ones on the older teenage segment. What I'm reading is "why Nintendo doesn't make a game like SotC" (whatever is the genre).

And I will answer: because they prefer to devote 1 internal studio to make games like Xenoblade (for example), which are more focused for that kind of segment than kids or soccer moms. For some people around the world, that game is better than the one you mentioned because quality and maturness are just subjective perceptions. So anyone can have an opinion, and no one will be wrong, just different.

And by that reasoning, that's why there's a dedicated segment to games like that, which are not like Xenoblade, and not like Mario, but just like SotC, UC and other more cinematic games that tap into the experience of the player (imho) that the two mentioned first (Mario and XB).