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Well, you have heard for the longest time that Nintendo has the best IPs. Well, with the PS2 and PS3 it looked like Sony was in for the kill, and gave us franchises like the Team Ico games, Uncharted and some amazing upgrades to the Gran Turismo series.

Now of course you will tell me "What about Little Big Planet?", "What about Killzone", "What about this" and "that".

Well, I'm talking about some of the most amazing video games of all time, and I'm talking about those I mentioned in the first paragraph. It's my opinion that the games listed there are some of the best games I have ever played in terms of immersion and gaming bliss.


Here, we have a company with studios that make games of a greater scale, and of the utmost quality, with themes that defeat fantasy and enter the world of surrealism. A company that has been in the business for only three generations, and already show the marks of an excellent video game factory (figuratively speaking). Where is Nintendo? Nintendo has largely limited itself to games that are for kids, and are starting to enter the realm of more epic games. Yes, they tried to get there with Rare's games in the N64 era, and then with Retro's Prime and EAD's Twilight Princess. Their closest moments to this kind of content however was in the NES days with Zelda, Mario 1, Kid Icarus and Metroid games, as well as Punch Out!!


Of course there are other games made by other Nintendo or contracted studios such as Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower, and now Bayonetta 2. But when it comes to Nintendo themselves, they haven't been able to rival Sony in that category, and even with Twilight Princess, their entry into the darker themes was awkward alot of the times.

Could Nintendo learn a bit from Sony, would you like to see Nintendo come up with games like Shadow of the Colossus? Do you think it's possible, or do you think we should just let Sony do what it does best, and enjoy them as Sony games as they are?

Do you believe the SotC/GT/UC quality is relegated to one single company, or do you think it's an ideal any company could and should aspire to?

Should at least one studio of Nintendo's go after this segment, my segment? Your thoughts.

DanneSandin said:
happyD isn't saying that Nintendo should stop doing what they're doing. He's saying "do this as well". It's not that hard to understand. This gen Nintendo did Xenoblade "as well", next gen they're doing Bayonetta 2 "as well". And we love them for it!! 

Do cinematic games as well Nintendo. If there were an Uncharted game for Wii/WiiU I'd so get it! As it is now I gotta get me a PS3 as well. And that's nothing I, as a Nintendo costumer, should do "as well";getting a 2nd console. Nintendo should give me these game experiences "as well" so that I might support the competition.

Yes, there is 3rd party games like this. The new Tomb Raider looks awesome! But is it coming for the WiiU? No! So that's ANOTHER reason for me to get PS3 "as well". 

Folks, do you understand what we're saying?

For an idea of someone that understands the piece I wrote above.

Also, it looks like they already are taking cues from Sony, which is a great thing:

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Reggie said: (on the PS2 and Sony)

They’ve done a phenomenal job, and they have been able to address different marketing over time, to build an incredibly large install base,” he said.

Here is a smart business man, one who is able to look at what his competition does right and tries follow it. This is very business wise.