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Mariah Carey, but I don't feel guilty about it. She is a highly accomplished singer/songwriter/producer (the highest selling singer-songwriter-producer in history for that matter), and has one of the best singing voices in the history of recorded music; given her 5 octave range and the ability to hit the whistle register, that puts her in a vocal category that only a very small number of singers have matched and they are all opera singers.

While she is mostly known for girly music; I find a lot of her songs are in the realm of universal appeal; particularly within her first three albums - the first album simply called Mariah Carey, the second called Emotions, and the third one Musicbox.

A little different from the style of music she did later, but her early 90's vocal work and live performances are unsurpassed by any other singer-songwriter (Celine Dion was arguably on Mariah's level, but she doesn't write or produce any of her own music) Here are a couple of 1993 performances, 93-95 was in my opinion when she was at her peak:



And a very emotional rendition of my personal favourite Mariah Carey song, performed in 1991 on Soul Train:


 Then there is her first album which she wrote in the 80's, some of which she wrote while she was in High School and during her homeless years when she had a rebellious spirit:


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