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R3 really brought this series back. Returning to the weapon wheel, much better pacing, and very good level design made this game the best in the series. I never play multi-player so I can't comment on that.

I was really pleased with this game because of just how bad R2 was. R2's two weapon system never gave any intensity, or surprise. So they went from a game were every moment was spoiling the next turn in the game, to a game that had you on your toes.

Another thing R3 did great was the atmosphere. R1 had a semi scary feel to it which gave way to a nearly Ratchet and Clank feel for the 2nd. Resistance 3 had the gritty feel you expect from a survival war game.

R3 was truly a great experience, and something that would be great to build on. Sadly, I think we won't see any more from this series, as it has lost way to much momentum from the R2 disaster. Glad to see more people getting around to it though.

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Kevyn B Grams