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Solid-Stark said:

The final mission was to bring down the Terraformer onto the nearby Chimeran tower. This would have given them leverage on their survival war because it would have wiped out all the chimera in a certain radius; and helped close the wormhole that was opened.

The Terraformer not only cleared land (what the laser does), it also manipulated weather so that the "Pure" Chimera would find the planet hospitable. Hence the cold weather.

Their methods of converting people started changing in the second game, and eventually they grew the army they desired and were only clearing the planet of whatever's left.

Yes, they did go into all of that.

I know they explained most of it, I just missed the cold part.  Thing that I didn't get was how destroying the terraformer gave them a fighting chance, plus there were more no?  I mean, I get the chimera in the area were destroyed, but how does that help?