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So I just finally finished Resistance thought I'd share my thoughts and start a discussion on it.  So I really liked the game's style, they really showed off just how in ruin the world is.  Little pockets of resistance as you travel along through the U.S.  The crazies who ran the prison and used Chimera as game.  It was all well done, though I was a bit dissapointed with the ending, which I'll get to later.  The gameplay itself felt a bit generic, but I find most shooters generic.  I liked the weapons, and the weapon wheel was really welcomed return (Though I never played Fall of Man) vs the two weapon system in Resistance 2.  I never tried coop so I can't comment on it and I'm probably trading the game in so I won't be able to try it.  Now for the ending, I was a bit confused and dissapointed. 

The last fight was a bit anti-climactic, I mean fighting those two brutes weren't a challenge.  The sequence were you were falling down was interesting, but didn't do too much to enhance the ending scene and was weird falling into the hellicopter the way Capelli did.  And they didn't really explain the repercussions of the tower getting destroyed.  Like why the tower was important for the chimera and how that affected their... army I guess.  They didn't really go into why the chimera stopped converting people, or fighting each other in general.  So for that I was a bit dissapointed.  What were your thoughts?  Was there something I was overlooking and made me understand something less?  I'd like to hear your thoughts.