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HappySqurriel said:

So name any add-on that third party publishers have given significant support to. Demonstrate that the add-on model has ever worked ...

The NES zapper, Super Scope 6, Sega CD, Sega 32x, N64DD, N64 Memory expansion, Eyetoy, PS-Eye, PS-move, Kinect and Wii MotionPlus have all failed to attract support; what is it about the Wii U tablet that would attract as much attention as an add on as it does as standard hardware for a console?

@bold. The saving the cost of paying for a whole new console.

@"it never happened before therefore it doesn't happen". I know you realize that isn't proof. It's evidence, I'll agree, but it isn't proof, and my "push" argument stands against those examples that were often near failures in terms of push, timing, marketing and so many other factors. The 64DD being the biggest failure of them all in my view, glad you brought it up.

@oniyide. Of course you're with me on this one ^_^ I'm on the other side of the fence on this one ;)