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Soriku said:
Michael-5 said:

"Time is required before the next generation console cycle begins in earnest"

It would appear that the creator of Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and Resident Evil doesn't see the Wii U as a true next gen platform - something that many other developers are likely to agree with, given the system's technological parity with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

You would make a great news reporter, taking what someone says and making completly unrelated conclusions from it.

All he said is it will take time before the next generation of games for the next gen consoles begin to thrive. This only means that early Wii U games will be ports/simulatious releases/re-releases of current gen games and it's going to be a while before we see an adundant amount of next gen software. (So far there are only a handful of Wii U exclusive titles, and except for Zombie U and that game by Platnium Studios, none are new IP's).

That part in the OP is actually from the link. And it was written by an actual journalist which makes it even funnier. Reading comprehension: how does it work? I also like how this comment comes from a website called "Nintendolife" as well.

But yeah, he's just saying that even when the Wii U releases, a next gen shift in terms of quantity of games and resources won't be in full swing yet as Capcom (and other companies) are still making current gen titles right now and the Wii U is getting ports for the most part. Of course, they'll devote resources to next gen sooner or later.

This comment has absolutely nothing to do with how powerful the Wii U is.

Oh wow, Journalism is really a joke then...

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