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MDMAlliance said:
happydolphin said:

MDMAlliance said:
It's kind of sad that the biggest pride some people have in gaming are power and graphics. Power and graphics do something for a game, yes. However, if the experience is good, why care so much about it? It's strange how we are, when we get something extra, we always want more. "That's great, what more is there? Give me more." and that kind of attitude could be one of the reasons as to why great games do not make it into production or get cancelled, etc.

Does this have anything to do with what was said in the thread? Nobody is saying the games are less good because the system is not next gen. We're just arguing whether it's next gen or not. Your suspicion of the contrary makes you the target of your own post.

I wasn't quoting anybody so it wasn't referring to anyone in specific.  However, on topic of whether the system is next generation it is related because the issue people are having here is with graphics and power.  Whether or not the Wii U is next generation is not arguable.  It is next generation, due to the terms meaning in any context.  It has modern (relatively) architecture.  It is releasing in the time frame of when the next set of consoles are releasing.  Its power is well enough over the last generation to put it into the bracket of next generation in that sense, too.  

@bold. That wasn't my question, but it's ok.

Yes you're right that it's arguable, as you wrote "(relatively)" you could argue that in the 2nd sense it is next gen. You could argue.