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Viper1 said:
happydolphin said:
I've posted this before and got shat on all over by Rol and Viper. The Wii was not even considered next gen by its own leader (Hiroshi Yamauchi), so this is no surprise to me.

Gens are rooted in the concept of technical advancements requiring changes to a console, things that could not be done before. That isn't the case for the WiiU, wasn't the case for the Wii.

Console generations are not defined, nor have they ever been, by the changes in spec increases but by the chronological relationship between successor and predecessor flagship consoles.  Increases in tech specs have only historically coincided with new generations but were never a requirement not a means to categorize as which generation a console belonged to.

Look at the first jump in gens, it was due to the need to upgrade the previous entries due to memory limitations. Look it up, it's in the history of videogames on wikipedia.

@In earnest. I don't think we can be sure that's what he meant then, and neither can we be sure the understanding of OP is what he meant. So either way we're at a loss.