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Mr Khan said:
robzo100 said:
Man, the gameplay is so damn shallow, just pressing A button without thinking seriously. So don't buy it for the gameplay.

The controls are awful...why? Because it is a lot of 2D-based roaming done in a 3d environment in 3rd person which is very frustrating at times And there are 1rst person perspectives in the game where you can't move, only aim the cursor and these parts are awful. Don't buy it for the controls.

The Graphics are average at best. Don't buy it for the graphics.

It is a horrible exploration game because it is 100 percent linear. Don't buy it if you are expecting classic Metroid non-linearity.

The Music is unmemorable. Don't buy it for the music.

The story is about a woman who won't stfu and is "emotional." Don't buy it for the story.

So, not sure why you'd want it. If it's for 5 dollars in the bin then sure try it out otherwise I say pass.

Metroid exploration has been an illusion since Metroid II

Even still, at least in Super Metroid and the Prime games, you could enter areas that were somewhat advanced (eventually being stopped by an impediment).  In Other M, holy hell, you can't go ANYWHERE off the path.  I mean they don't even try to hide it.

But seriously, in Super Metroid it was such a wonder how many directions you could go in and "try things out" before eventually realizing the right path.  This is a good example of how linearity isn't black and white.  That game and the Prime games were much more in between.  Other M was pure as black linear.  I'd like to se a return of some Metroid game where some power ups are technically optional.  One of my favorite non-linear games will always be the original LoZ NES.