Saturation or Stagnation?


Looking through the sale numbers this morning I noticed that NSMB2 have managed to sell a whooping 300k between the US and EU. 300k... Doesn't that seem like a pretty small number for a Super Mario game?! I know, I know - it only sold for ONE (1) day in both regions - but in Japan NSMB2 managed to sell 600k in two days - and that's Japan only! And, yes, of course we have to wait for the digital numbers as well. But considering that about 5% of NSMB2 sales in Japan were through the eShop I wouldn't expect more than 10-15% digital sales in US and EU...


What do you guys think? Are we seeing Mario-saturation?! Or stagnation? What gives??

EDIT: Most people seem to agree that it's still good numbers Mario's pumping out, and apparently better than the original DS games first day. Now I wanna know what your prediction is for this game for this year. When 2013 comes a-rolling (presuming the world won't end!) how much will NSMB2 have sold this year?

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