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Tagged for evidence that Nintendo copies Sony.

Just because Nintendo fans run around saying Sony copies, doesn't mean it's okay for you to run around doing the same thing.  Makes you just as low as them.  I mean, if you want a real copy of nintendo... Look at Miis and then... 360 avatars....

The 360 is trying to be a sequel to sega and nintendo at the same time, yet... in my eyes, doesn't quite do it.

Please man.  Jay was just joking (I hope).  Lets not make it another one of those topics.

Either way, I felt it necessary to mention so.  That way, it would be less likely for someone else to come in and start flaming.

lol keep your pants on. Nintendo's been doing handheld-to-console connections for generations now (GBC to N64, GBA to GCN, DS to Wii), so it's already Sony copying Nintendo anyways :p