Many look at Nintendo Land as Wii U’s very own Wii Sports but personally I don’t think it is. At least, not in every aspect.

Wii Sports was the tech demo that instantly showed the average consumer what the Wii was all about. Thirty seconds of watching someone play Wii Tennis or Wii Bowling was enough for gamers and non-gamers alike to get the concept and understand what that weird controller could do.

Nintendo Land does have the same purpose. The games included in the package are there to explain asymmetrical gameplay (i.e. what the weird control can do). However, they aren’t as easy to grasp as those of Wii Sports (the excruciatingly long demo of the Luigi’s Ghost Mansion mini-game at E3 should be ample proof of that) and more importantly they lack that “That’s incredible, I’ve gotta have this!” or “I didn’t know videos games could do that!” effect that was triggered among non-gamers when they saw Wii Sports in action.

I remember, back in 2007, people were arguing about the relevance of including Wii Sports sales in the weekly software totals because the game was bundled with the console. My stand on that subject was (and still is) that it was the right thing to do since I firmly believe that it was mainly Wii Sports that was selling the Wii and not the other way around. That’s the main difference Nintendo Land has with Wii Sports, I can’t see people rushing to the stores to get a Wii U because they saw someone playing that game. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of other reasons to get a Wii U but I don’t think Nintendo Land will be the main reason for the purchase of the console like it was the case for Wii and Wii Sports.

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