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oniyide said:
T.Rexington said:
It's not hard to understand why Wii U has it's doubters. 1) 360/PS3 will still give comparable experiences that narrow the gap the original Wii once had. 2) The main attraction, tablet controller, is already being emulated by MS and could be seen as a me too product by the consumers thanks to iPads. 3) The name itself doesn't inspire much confidence. Wii U doesn't carry the same cool factor of a sequel console the way SNES or Xbox 360 had.The Wii brand might've lost it's strength and could push people away who didn't care for the previous Wii experience. 4) No real big hitters. The Wii launch line-up seemed way better. Zelda really lead that line-up and the packed in game was a classic. I don't get the same vibe with Nintendoland. It looks like a cheap version of Mario Party or something.

I'm pretty surprised people think he's an asshole for saying this too when he realizes that he could be wrong and that he's just got a bad feeling. In fact, he'd be more than happy to be wrong it appears.

I was with you until the last part. Wii had a better line up?? Really?? Here we are getting Pikmin3(not really into that, but some people are) Mario (not into that but lots of people are) Wii U fit(same as Mario), in addition to 3rd party games that will actually be at the very least be the same on the other versions, something you could never say for Wii.  Zelda? That was a port of a GC game, hell most of launch line up was ports of last gen games, with some motion control added.

If we were talking Super Mario Galaxy 3, I'd agree, but there doesn't seem to be much excitement behind the launch Mario game. Is Pikmin 3 guaranteed to be out at launch? I didn't know that, and while it helps, it's hardly Nintendo's biggest and most memorable franchise. Especially one that's never even gotten past the 2 million mark. Wii U Fit? Seriously? That has more competition than ever across three other consoles (including the original Wii) and I just don't see a fitness game being a strong launch title in a time where most of the customers are core gamers.  Also, call me crazy, but saying the third party games will be the same on the other console doesn't exactly sound too exciting. 

The Wii simply had more exclusives to be excited about.Red Steel, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Wii Sports, and while the games didn't perform up to par with their regular controller counterpart, people were excited by the idea of controlling games in a whole new way. The line-up was simply more attractive at first glance, the motion controls were fresh, and there really wasn't anyone else that had a similar product to Nintendo at the time. Don't forget that Wii U is a tablet console. That's its big selling point. Comparisons will be be made to all of the tablets out there, especially the iPad, and it doesn't help that MS is packing out the smartglass tablet features. Wii U looks more like a "Me Too" than a innovative console.