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TheShape31 said:
mike_intellivision said:
TheShape31 said:

Sessler's tweet just before that one:
"I think the Wii U will arrive this year in America and Japan at least. I can see a delay in Europe."


While I am inclined to agree with you. .... I cannot find the Tweet.

Mike from Morgantown

That's interesting, he's since deleted that tweet.  Still, he's only talking about Europe.  And there's a decent chance he's correct. It's disheartening, though, why so many other people love creating and participating in these baseless hate-fest threads.

Sessler did mention taking back a Tweet, so the info could have been in there.  That would have put it in a very different light and hopefully would have changed the tone of this entire discussion to a more mature one (of course, this is VGC).

There have been rumblings about Europe, so his comment there is not off base. And he is entitled to his opinion about the WiiU potentially not being a world beater. I happen to think it will be more unique than the other consoles -- and I wonder if just improving graphics is really enough to sell someone on upgrading.

Sessler was once a very hip, fun guy to listen to with his rants. I wonder if he has been worn down by the industry. And Nintendo probably is not the easiest of companies to work with -- which I am sure colors the judgement of some "journalists."



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