And here I thought this guy knew his stuff, though that could just be because he looked smarter by comparison to the even stupider Morgan Webb.

I don't get where he gets the idea that Nintendo will delay the console, and I don't see how it would benefit Nintendo to release the console early next year as opposed to right before the holiday season.

"Stimulate the industry"? Sure, like Sony and MS's new consoles will. This is the predecessor to a console that completely changed the game and brought in new gamers. If any console can stimulate the industry, it's Wii U.

Also, I don't see how so many seem to doubt the selling power of a console that will have Wii Fit, NSMB, Dragon Quest, and the inevitable Zelda, Smash Bros, and Mario Kart on it. At least he achknowledges he could be wrong on one of his points..