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Mario Sunshine is the only truly 'kiddy' Mario game to me. And the irony is it holds that title because they tried to listen to people who said it needed to grow up a bit.

They added voice acting, which is a popular request in Nintendo games amongst 'mature' types, and it was some of the worst voice acting seen since the CD-i era.

They added depth to the story, but it was utter nonsense. Plot twist, Peach is Bowser Jr's mother! Apparently she forgot that she gave birth to a koopa. You'd think that's the kind of thing that someone would remember, but there we go.

All that was scaled back in the Galaxy games, and then scaled back even further in 3D Land.

Sheer incompetence, as it were, imho... :( That's what I'm talking about, good post.

For some reason I cant find his post but I could of sworn that Bowser said at the end of Super Mario Sunshine that he lied to Bowser Jr. to motivate him and Bowser Jr himself admitted that he knew it was a lie

@Peach being his mother I mean.

P.S. The thing I found kiddy and hated it was Bowser's voice, it was pure garbage, glad they made him mute (in terms of voice in later games).

Yeah, I know that, but we were expected to believe it for a sizeable chunk of the game.

Those kind of plotlines are only plausible to begin with when there's a doubt over the father. A woman knows when she's given birth to something, be it human, mushroom, or koopa.