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Nintendo should've released Wii U last fall IMO with a 1080p version of Skyward Sword all the third party content that was out then (when Arkham City was new, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, etc.). I think the industry would be looking a lot healthier right now if that was the case.

They've done jack all for the Wii this year anyway. It was basically a wasted entire year for Nintendo on the console side, the only really interesting thing to launch on the platform was Dragon Quest X, and I'm sure S-E would've preferred the Wii U to be out by now so they could've launched both versions at the same time.

I think the introduction of both the DS and Wii successors has been one year late. They should have quietly internally started assigning teams to DS/Wii successor software one year in advance, they made a fortune during the Wii/DS heyday, instead of sitting on that cash pile, spend a few bucks on development and get ahead of the curve for once Nintendo.