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Hmm, I thought he said Matt treated it as a mindless button masher because Matt sucks at Smash Brothers, I'll check again, but I think that's what he was referring to. And yeah I'm 100% with you on the reviews end of things, but I am understanding of the reviewer, the way I go by reviews is on whats written down, videos, and the media they post, if they got a complaint that doesn't apply to you it shouldn't stop you from buying it, then you got to remember they're people too with their own opinions and it's hard not to be bias, the best thing to do is find a group of reviewers that best reflect your ideas on gaming and stick to them, but even then only pay attention to what they say not a score.

And even with the complaints at IGN you gotta know they ranked it 3rd best on Wii only below SMG and Metroid Prime 3 which they loved both of those games a lot, and also went on to say the reason for that was SMG gave a new experience to platforming, while SSBB stays in the same feeling of Melee.

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