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yeah freezing...the gameplay demo showed it being used for combat 'and' puzzles/movement.

MP is a risk and a challenge...I can't think of a hack and slash game that has done multiplayer right. Ninja gaiden mp is a joke. This mp however, already have shown a lot of depth. whther it's a step forward remains to be seen until the product actually releases and we get to play it. If it's done right it's a step forward, just like with Uncharted

Didn't know Rocksteady made batman games since the 80's...oh wait that's not even related to this discussion. We are talking about this current batman series. You honestly shouldn't throw around the term 'more of the same' so much without actually using it when it's applicable...i honestly feel you are just biased against god of war games in general. Have you played all gow games? Do you enjoy them? Because if you did you will easily notice the changes they made

oh and look up gow multiplayer info/gameplay. It's very impressive...

Im not biased against anything. I do not consider features such as Graphics, Music, Story, MP as game design. I love Ninja Gaiden but when MP was introduce as "Game design ..eyeroll" in the face of sequel thats getting negative opinions ... means nothing to me. Did MP solve the mess the NG3 became? It sure didn't ... dont care. If they want to advance NG thats cool just advance core nothing else matters.

Yes you are. MP is a whole different ball game than the sp...even gameplay wise. Not sure why NG3 SP was a mess have anything to do with this. Making a good hack/slash multiplayer has not been done before afaik...it's a risk and a huge challenge for Santa Monica. THis is franchise that sells extremely well. they could have the sp only and still sold millions

you guys say you want new things....then you don't like the form of the new things. make up your mind already. I have told you they have advanced gameplay, combat, opened a whole new level of potential with time element, new environments, new enemies, change in kratos personality, a deep well thought out multiplayer and so on...you are definitely being biased here imho

answer my  earlier Q, how many gow games have you played completely? I refuse to believe if you played them you will not notice the changes

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