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Dallinor said:
DarkNight_DS said:
No one analyzing my games list? Sadly it's not complete yet. I'm missing about 10+ games from my PS2 list and a few from each of the other lists.

*jumps in to analyze*

-wow that sounded weird =D

Ok lets see what we got here. Some shockingly bad shooters (Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2) mixed with some great ones Half:Life, Goldeneye, Counter Strike, Blue Shift, Opposing Force, Quake.

It seems you make good choices in shooters more often then not.

The Crash bandicoot games, excellent.

MGS, R&C, GT, God Of War, more great titles.

Wow, you have a very broad taste in games. RPG's, Platformers, Shooters, Adventure games, the whole mix.

No strategy games though...

I suppose no ones perfect =D


 Actually I have a bunch of strategy games...  My list isn't entirely complete.  I have Warcraft 1-3 plus Star Craft and a few command and conquer games as well as a few more surprises to add to my list ;)

I love variety though and am willing to give any game a try as long as it's a good game.  I purchase some games for my Wife (which I play with her) and for when company comes over to play.     

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