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Ajescent said:
Dgc1808 said:
Give me Disgaea 4 Vita. We'll talk Disgaea 5 later.

Does D3vita give you all of the ps3's DLCs?

That's what i've read and how it was advertised. I haven't beaten the main story yet (been largely ignoring it and my characters are now over leveled, also i've been occuppied with homework).

Everything i've read and looked up says yes though. One thing i'm confused about is how certain DLC works though. Do I have to beat the main quest to start getting things? Because there were 2 dlc characters that just required you to beat any stage in the game on PS3 and I haven't gotten them.

EDIT: Nevermind. The way those two characters work now is a different. Makes sense I guess as they would be kinda overpowered early game.

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