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Wow.  Well, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, and it's true that (almost) anything is possible, but most of your predictions are either refutable or just impossible to tell yet:


The guy from MS who said that WiU is little more than a 360 is correct. 

We really don't know that yet.  Don't forget how Gears of War made the 360's launch games look like a joke just a year later.  If WiiU's second year games make, say, Project P-100 look like that then WiiU will be just fine graphically.  I seriously doubt it will be so inferior to its 8th gen competition that it will be left out anywhere near as bad as the Wii was this gen.


Kinect sold more 360s than 3D did for the PS3 or 3DS.

Agreed, but 3DS is doing fine regardless of this, and will continue to do even better going forward.


The extra screen WILL NOT sell the Wii-U.

I disagree, if utilized in creative ways.


PREDICTION: Not a single 'assymetric gameplay' game will hit 10M or 20M.

No way of knowing that yet.


Nintendo has absolutely no idea what they're doing. A year in and we're already seeing the 3DSXL. Desperation.

?  Seriously?  We're getting the 3DSXL about the same amount of time after launch as the DS Lite came after the DS launch.  Not to mention that Nintendo will inevitably start making the standard 3DS with the improved features (better battery, buttons and aesthetics) as well.

2D Mari-U will do no more for WiiU than MK7 did for 3ds.

Actually, MK7 did pretty nicely by 3DS.  But I believe that Mari-U will do even more for WiiU with things like Mii-verse and the fact that it's the first Mario game at a Nintendo home console launch in 16 years.


The extra screen will hardly be used after the first year, maybe Nintendo will keep using it but 3rd parties will prety much drop it for it's GAMING features.

I doubt that (in fact, Smartglass is a sign that other companies are adopting similar ideas), but again, no way of knowing yet.


If Nintendo wins next gen it will be because Sony and MS completely eff up. Sony's nearly out of here but MS should win if they don't focus on Kinect and continue appealing to the PC gamer.

Don't agree with the first sentence, IF Nintendo plays smart with the direction they're going.  It's too early to tell with either point in the second sentence.


PREDICTION: If Wii-U has a 10M or 20M seller it will be because of motion control or symmetric local multiplayer.

Personally, I believe that Nintendo's idea of asymmetrical gameplay could be a big hit if implemented correctly.


I realize you're just predicting here but I believe that you're being overly presumptuous with this thread.  Personally, I predict that WiiU will have amassed a 15m+ install base before either the NeXtBox or PS4 hit the market.  Considering that the 360 only had around 5m when PS3 arrived, that bodes well for WiiU's future.