Byclop said:
so forbes would run Nintendo better than Nintendo? i dont think so
also, if its a blog of someone unknown "expert", who gives a fuck?


I think many people "gives (sic) a fuck"! Why can't a random guy or a big company have an opinion...just like you have? You think you are the only ones that care about gaming and the industry as a whole? You children crack me up with your whining and need for "expert" opinions!?! Who exactly is an unbiased expert? Why can't we as consumers just shut the fuck up if someone has an opinion? Aren't you expressing one too? Why not express why someone else's is wrong or the subject matter at hand, or even why whatever game company has it right. I'm sorry, attacking Forbes' credibility from you is like trying to stop a freight train by throwing rocks at it. 


Just because you chose to quote a famous dead person does not mean that you are some type of intellect nor does it mean that the quote in question is correct.