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Gilgamesh said:
mysticwolf said:
Gilgamesh said:
14 Gb left lol Downloading about 50GB, should probably invest in another harddrive if this keeps up.

yeah i know, my 160 HDD won't have much space after this, if i keep getting free games I will definitely need a bigger one. I saw some tempting 320 GB 5400 rpm laptop drives at some nearby retail stores for $55. If you do get one, make sure it is 5400 RPM. 7200 rpm would overheat the ps3, even a slim ps3.

..actually I did buy one before..oh god thanks for reminding me!! I bought a 750GB HDD for my old fat PS3 and it's basically been just sitting there in the dead console , I forgot to remove it!

well, that's very convenient

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