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Well, you all probably remember me from the NSMB 2 thread I created a while ago. Now as much as that created backlash, I believe it stirred some interesting discussion. Today, I want to talk about NSMBWii

If you remember from my NSMB 2 thread, I mentioned that there were things in a game that threw me off and caused me to dislike a game despite all its great features. Well, for NSMB Wii, it was two things: 1) The introductory cutscenes and 2) the multi-player.

True story, the first time I played NSMB Wii, I played it with friends. Yes, it was fun, but it wasn't an experience I really wanted to come back to as a veteran gamer. Not only that, but the initial cutscenes had turned me off so hard, I never came back to the title.

Now, 3 years later, after much discussion with you folks, I decided to give the title another chance, but this time with two approaches in mind:

1) Single player only

2) Look beyond the "pink ponies" (see NSMB2 thread).

Well, folks, that's exactly what I did. And guess what? NSMB Wii is one of my favorite games this year. Amazing, a game that was designed for multiple players is much better enjoyed in single player mode. Hear me out, here are the advantages:

  • You don't just die for nothing. The screen follows you. So it doesn't cut off the level under which you die.
  • You don't have people jumping on your head causing you to fall into holes.
  • You don't have people zooming through the level leaving you behind.
  • You can actually focus on obstacles and make it through levels without dying a million times.
  • The sheer amount of things to get and the sizes of the levels make it a mario-fest in single-player mode. A good example of this is Level 9-8. So much to get it's like jumping in a pool of gold!

All in all, I found the experience very very thrilling and exciting, and am now looking forward to the NSMB game on WiiU, even the one on the 3DS (despite what I consider a lacking in detail, I'll wait to see it in action, and will look beyond the faults if the game is as good as NSMB Wii).

Cheers friends, thanks for listening. Post your thoughts too!