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Scoobes said:
pezus said:
Scoobes said:

Wait, what? How high was the resolution?!

5039*2827, according to my count

So... quite high

I couldn't remember if someone had posted these at high res so here we go. Just for you Scoobes. These are at 4178x2546 resolution (taken from good old neogaf). When they load just click on them to enlarge. 

That screenshot with him walking to the door? Good grief the particles on that magic spell/portal on the right are staggering. 

Turkish says and I'm allowed to quote that: Uncharted 3 and God Of War 3 look better than Unreal Engine 4 games will or the tech demo does. Also the Naughty Dog PS3 ENGINE PLAYS better than the UE4 ENGINE.