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Zim said:
Turkish said:
Zim said:
Turkish said:
I'm not that impressed with UE4, the Uncharted engine looks and plays miles better. Not to mention how excited I am for The Last of Us, possibly the most beautiful game Ive seen.

The PS3 fans on this site are a totally different breed. Naughty Dog engine looks better than UE4? No, simply wrong. Not in an that's your opinion way. In a this is a statement of fact way. One is a current gen engine, the other is a next gen engine. Edit: You know what I'm even going to take issue with this statement. Engines themselves don't look better. It is how developers use them. However obviously a current gen engine isn't going to be able to produce anywhere near the visuals of a new engine for PC/next-gen consoles.

The ND engine PLAYS better than UE4? So an ENGINE! plays better than one you have never played or seen any gameplay from? My mind is still boggling at the statement that an engine plays miles better than another one. 

The Last of Us the most beautiful game ever? No. It is possibly the best looking console game (although we have yet to see gameplay) but compared to PC titles? Nope totally outclassed. 

Honestly it's just ridiculous. I seriously hope a mod sees that comment and realises what it blatantly is. 

To Cheebee - A lot of what this engine is meant to do is actually reduce the time taken for things. You can read it in their big long PR exercise. Obviously they will be overstating it however it sounds like a lot of the new features will make development of certain parts cheaper. 

Relaaax, stop getting emotional over the internet buddy. Why are you so sensitive, your very first sentence gets personal claiming we're some kind of a breed LOL! Just spit it out what you're trying to say?

This engine doesn't look anything special, I expected something like the Samaritan. If you think this is something special you need to play more Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica games.

What is my comment blatantly? Tell me I'm curious. Don't worry, the mods always do their job on this site, you don't have to tell them what they should do.

The words to describe you are banned on this site. If you seriously think Uncharted and GoW look better than this then I would love to get a quote from you stating that PS3 games look better than UE4 games. That would make a good sig and let everyone see you are a joke poster lol. 

What are those words? Just say them or are you afraid of writing them? Why are you asking me if I seriously think UC and GoW look better then UE4 games while this thread is the subject of it lol?